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San Francisco is a historically unique city. The Gold Rush was ignited in 1848 when Sam Brannan stood in Portsmouth Plaza yelling “Gold! Gold! Gold from the American River!” The world rushed in searching for the shiny metal and by the end of 1849 the boomtown population exploded from 850 souls to a rowdy 25,000. By the end of the 19th century San Francisco was known as the “Jewel Of The Pacific” and the “Paris Of The West”. Today, along with Silicon Valley, it is known as the incubator for all things digital, and thrives as a global destination.

San Francisco Is The Gift!

We are inspired every day to bring art, product, and excitement together and offer visitors items decorated with photos capturing compelling moments in our beautiful city.

We specialize in San Francisco gifts and offer over 1 million promotional products. Our gifts remind visitors of why they came, what they saw, and how they left their hearts in San Francisco.

San Francisco & San Franciscans

My study of San Francisco history has continued for nearly 40 years. After six years of studying human sexuality and sexually explicit media in North Beach I published my first San Francisco book, Some of My Best Friends are Naked: Interviews with seven Erotic Dancers. Playgirl magazine said, “Keefe is the Studs Terkel of the sex industry!” 

I spent time with San Franciscans up close and personal for another 18 years on the worn seat of my Yellow, oil-burning observatory and produced my second book, Cab Talk: Voices from the Backseat of a San Francisco Taxi. What a town!

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San Francisco Tim

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